About Rio

about-photo1RIO was born in 1978 in Auroville , the International Township under construction in rural South India ,whose aim essentially is to be a living experiment in Human Unity . This experiment has attracted people from over 50 nationalities and India to participate in the building of the City the Earth needs .

We began as a creative endeavor to fuse imagination, originality and beauty into hand beaded products and to create employment for the women of the local villages surrounding Auroville.

It has been over so many years a very enriching experience of living and working together .We are learning tolerance and understanding of each others traditions and cultural ways ….which are the first steps towards a more peaceful world.

We make Jewelry in the form of Cuffs, necklaces, hair accessories and leather belts ,cell phone pouches, shoes for adults, children and babies. They are all are created through design with style.

We are committed to generating prosperity for the women we employ through socially responsible business practices. Our principles, which include high standards of quality and a deep concern for human values, focus on giving them self-empowering work and training.